Marchesoni stoves are indispensable for any kitchen.

Practical, compact and economical, these gas or electric stoves make cooking any food much faster, whether frying or cooking.

Can be used by street traders, in offices or at home.

These products are available with special packaging and make great presents.

Marchesoni Stoves – Indispensable for any kitchen!

Gas Stove


Eletric Stove

Fogões Elétricos | Marchesoni
Termostato regulável

Termostato regulável

Corpo em Inox

Corpo em Inox

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Table Product Description



Sizes (mm)



FG.2.109 1 burner automatic 285x380x105 Gas 150g/h
FG.2.209 2 burners automatic 710x380x105 Gas 300g/h
FG.1.101/102 1 burner w/thermostat 240x280x70 127V / 220V 1500W / 1.50 Kw/h
FG.1.202 2 burners w/thermostat 480x280x70 220V 2250W / 2.25 Kw/h